Bingo Jackpots

If you like playing bingo, chances are high that you will want to know something about Bingo Jackpots. After all, they are something that makes the true difference. But, as in other types of online or real-world gambling, there are different types of Bingo Jackpots. Below are three types which are the most popular and the most desirable.

If you are new to online bingo and are not sure how to play bingo, check out our bingo guide.

Fixed Bingo Jackpots

Fixed Bingo Jackpots are simply the most popular of them all, and they are more than just beneficial, due to the fact they can be won over and over again. Once a jackpot is won, it will reset to the initial value and start again. The main fact to know is that you will need a full house to win this type of jackpot.

Some players will want to know what happens if there are multiple winners? In that case scenario, the entire jackpot is divided among the winners equally. Bingo Jackpots are always divided in this way.Fixed Bingo Jackpots


Progressive Bingo Jackpots

Progressive Bingo Jackpots are something which all professional layers like and want to win. Like in other games, here a percentage of the ticket value is used to increase the value of the jackpot itself. As such, the jackpot will be increased at midnight each day, and there will be significant changes in the amount.

Of course the more players there are, the higher jackpot will be. This is one of the main reasons why so many players prefer these jackpots where there are plenty of players involved. On the other hand, if there are no plenty of players, the jackpot value will stay the same or increase insignificantly.

When you win the jackpot, the amount will be automatically accredited to your account. Of course, you may see some graphics and listen to the fun melody on the computer screen.

Progressive Bingo Jackpots

Community Bingo Jackpots

The main difference between progressive and community jackpots is the fact that the jackpot will be shared. When it comes to community Bingo Jackpots in some cases, a percentage can be given to the player or players who bought the tickets for the game in question. Another percentage is given to the player who triggered the jackpot. Of course, all of this depends on the rules and regulations of the online game you are playing. There are plenty of differences here, and the matter cannot be generalised.

This is just one of many reasons why terms and regulations of an online casino or an online bingo game must be read. These jackpots are not rare, and as a matter of fact, we were able to see their increase in popularity over the recent years.

As you can see the Bingo Jackpots are different, and they come in different amounts, different types and they can be changed as you play. Keep in mind that you will need a full house to win the jackpot and you should make sure that multiple cars are used, naturally because they increase the chances of winning the jackpot you want.

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