Different Types of Bingo Bonus

Bingo Bonus

The competition in the online bingo arena is fierce – just like Wall Street. But here the difference in this competition is very good for the players. Because of the cutthroat rivalry, the online casino game sites are coming up with all sorts of bonuses and promotions to attract the players. Thus, we as players, get a lot of free bingo bonuses as a result. But don’t let the platter of free money blind you. Every type of bonus has a meaning.

Bingo No Deposit Bonus

You will find the too-good-to-be-true no deposit bonus at almost all bingo sites these days. So why is every website giving out free cash to you? Well, just in the hope that you will love their games, get hooked and then return as a loyal customer making huge deposits. Usually, the casino bonus is small and has a withdrawal requirement. But all in all, it is really the best on offer. You should not let it go!

Bingo Sign Up Bonus

Pretty much every online bingo site offers a sign-up bonus. It is basically an incentive to join the online casinos website like Grosvenor online casino. These welcome bonuses are offered when you sign-up with the website and make your account. Many sites are very generous with the bonus amount. But bigger will be the amount, the higher the cap on withdrawal. There are usually game credits or wagering requirements attached to sign-up bonuses. It is better to look at the website’s terms and conditions thoroughly before you sign-up with the site.

Bingo Deposit Bonus

This is also one kind of bonus used to attract players to make a deposit with the website. In deposit match bonus, the website usually matches the amount a player deposits and doubles the balance. For example, if you make a deposit of £5, then the bingo website will deposit another £5 in your account if it’s a 100% match bonus. Thus you get to play with a total of £10 and whatever you win, you get to withdraw it all. Some websites offer 200% match bonus. In that case, you get extra £10 on making a deposit of £5. Majorly, it is a one-off thing on the first deposit. But if the match percent is smaller, then it can be on every deposit you make.

Bingo Deposit Bonus

Coral Bingo Deposit Bonus

Reload Bonus

This is a rare kind of online casino bonus and you will not find it on every bingo site. But there are still many who offer this. It is also called the re-deposit bonus. The key to any blooming business is returning customers, and casinos are no different. It is profitable only if the players make deposits again and again. Thus, the bingo websites offer a bonus on making subsequent deposits. Usually, it is like 25% of your second deposit up to £100 and 15% on your third deposit up to £50. Of course, the terms and amount change according to the website.

Apart from the above-detailed bingo bonuses, there are small options on various sites like the referral bonus or the loyalty program. These are not uncommon, but the above described four are more popular and profitable for the players. There is no other incentive like free money for playing bingo. But in the excitement don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of the game.

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