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You have learned how to play Bingo as a kid with friends and family. That was before! But then there are various ways to play Bingo. Have you tried playing bingo games online? It is a very exciting and thrilling experience. There are numerous Bingo games online provided by the website. So you can log in to a Bingo game website, subscribe and learn progressively how to go about it.

Just like in a normal land Bingo game, Bingo websites have Bingo lobbies – a place where you can get necessary information on rules, and Bingo rooms in which Bingo games take place. Before starting a game, you need to purchase at least one ticket. The highest number of tickets purchasable is 96.

75 Ball Bingo Game

The 75 Ball Bingo game is made of tickets with ascending numbers starting from letter B from one to fifteen and ending with letter O from sixty to seventy-five. Also known as US Bingo, the game tickets have a 5 on 5 chart with the centre square captioned “FREE”. Before starting the game, the player has to buy at least one ticket, and once that is done, he clicks on the start button to begin. Online 75 Ball Bingo game has an endless variety of winning patterns. Winning patterns also depends on the website. The winning price or cash to win will depend on the price of a ticket and the number of players in the game. Many options are offered, and you can change your options to sweet your needs. There is also a countdown to notify you when the game is ending, and you can keep track of the numbers that are called.

90 Ball Bingo Game

The 90 Ball Bingo game is the most played of Bingo games. It has three horizontal lines and nine rows. Players buy a series of numbered tickets and they mark the numbers with a dauber as a caller calls the numbers. There are 3 winning patterns to win this game. The first winner marks the first line pattern, the second winner covers the second line pattern, and the full house winner gets all three lines on the ticket.

80 Ball Bingo Game

The 80 Ball Bingo is played with a 4×4 chart ticket, and each column has a colour: blue, white, yellow and red. That is why it is shorter than the other Bingo games. Before starting the game, the caller announces the winning patterns: either X shapes, central squares or all four corners. A player can also win by marking off horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines.

 Progressive Jackpots Games

Playing Bingo online provide the advantage of winning bingo jackpots. You can play directly online, or you can buy your tickets for future games or schedule game later in the day or the week. Big jackpot games also give provision for ticket promotions, but the inconvenient is that they are limited. That is why it is advised that players purchase their tickets early.

Now that you know what it takes to play Bingo games online, log in and set up for great fun and be ready to yell “Bingo”.


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